main courses
 Turkey breast a la parisian with fresh spinach pancake   2890.- 
 Rost turkey breast with roquefort cheese sauce and fragrant rice   2880.- 
 Spagetti with turkey breast strips and fresh crispy vegetables   2920.- 
 Rost chicken breast with fresh salad and potatoes   2760.- 
 Roast chicken breast with apricots in hot caramel sauce spread
with sezame seed and rice  
 Pressed chicken breast filet with mayonnaise potatoe salad   2870.- 
 Spit-roast chicken strips with yogurt-dressing salad   2990.- 
 Chicken thigh filet fried in breadcrumbs with parsley potatoes
and peach compote  
 Savoury spit-roast mix with pressed potatoes   3350.- 
 Duck breast steak with tangerine sauce and fragrant rice   3340.- 
 Duck breast strips with honey, apple and green salad pasta   3090.- 
 Roast gooseliver with apples and cranberries potatoes   5890.- 
 Veal tenderloin "Vienesse" with parsley potatoes and lettuce   3790.- 
 Beef tenderloin "Goulash" with red wine and croquettes   3980.- 
 Beef tenderloin slices with potatoes with roquefort cheese   4290.- 
 Filet steak with green pepper sauce and potatoes   4790.- 
 Beef tenderloin a la "Rossini" /Gooseliver, mushroom/
croquettes and demi glace  
 Garlicky roasted pike-perch file with mixed salad and potatoes   3890.- 
 Roast salmon with lemon balm sauce, croquettes   3890.-