Fresh mixed salad with spicey turkey strips   1980.- 
 Egg-plant cream with vegetables   1990.- 
 Beef carpaccio   2190.- 
 Ruccola salad with avocado   1890.- 
 Gooseliver paté with cognac   3180.- 
 Fresh homemeade smoked salmon   2290.- 
 Rosted goat cheese with fresh mixed salad   2280.- 
 Grilled vegetables /eggplant, mushrooms, onions, pimiento, tomato/   1760.- 
 Salmon salad with balsamic vinegar   1890.- 
 Beefsteak a la "Tatár"   3170.- 
 Prawn salad with avocado   1990.- 
 Mixed salad with mayonnaise and chicken breast slices   1480.- 
 Honeydew melon with prosciutto   1890.- 
 Duck breat strips with ruccola salad   2790.- 
 Mozzarella and tomato with fresh basil   1180.- 
 Green salad with yoghurt dressing   1070.- 
 Somed duck breast with ruccola   1980.-